Infographic NBA All Star - 2018 - 3spot design studio
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About This Project

On the february 8. 2018. daily newspaper in their sport magazine publish this infographic for NBA All star  evening 2018. This infographic have details for Bogdan Bogdanovic, and all details and schedule for all star evening.

We’re using different software tools to create final design:

We use Adobe Illustrator to create  vector object for top layers in infographic, map, pattern and some other objects.

We use Adobe InDesign to create final layout, tables, text objects and spread.

We use Adobe Photoshop to create clipping paths, photo manipulations and some shading objects.


All images and stadium vector object client buy from stock and they are signed with small letters in infographic right grid.


ALO! daily newspaper, specially for Sport insertion magazine inside issue.

All Star, Bogdan Bogdanovic, nba, NBA all star