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There’s design. And, there’s technology.

When you merge them together with a little imagination you end up with a very compelling visual that can evoke an individual’s emotion.

This emotion prompts people into taking notice causing a reaction. It can give them motivation to try something completely new, it can also help them to reason out a decision, or to seek further information.

Reactions triggered by emotions from graphic design can be described as Visual Communication.

Depending on what your message is

and how you want to say it…

You can whisper a message or


In 2015, 3 spot studio was born. We decided to make a living doing what we had a passion for; Graphic Design. Since this day – using our knowledge of design, advertising, web and printing services, we create and launch new product lines, upgrade promotional and marketing materials, generate business identities, branding and advertising campaigns to expand client market share, advise and offer different graphic services, print and web design.

Hi, we are Milica and Milan. We’ve been a graphic designers for more over decade. We started our career in advertising agencies, where we listened to the business pulse of  local market, helped clients to promote themselves, and helped them grow their business. Years flew by and along the way, we realized that there is  something better for us and our careers – we learned various ways to foster messages that communicated in an artistic way with people whom directly engage us to work for them , which led us to our own graphic design agency.

Milica Bojić

Graphic designer



Milan Zindović

Graphic designer



Why is a graphic designer important?

You can never be sure how people will react to a change in a product or service. This is why graphic design can be very challenging. A good graphic designer will shape and focus this visual communication forming whatever message it’s intentions are. We gather your thoughts, put them together, add our thoughts and design, and make your project come to life.

Graphic designer who understands your customer is an asset to your business.

Your best advertisement is the recommendations and referrals you get from satisfied customers. 3spot studio has built a reputation known and appreciated for careful attention to detail and high quality work.

We understand design, and how it can spark new energy into your business. Our design experience helps you to re-focus on what your business is about. From single projects to a corporate branding overhaul, we make your business stand out!